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Maritime Security: A Practical Guide

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Maritime Security: A Practical Guide

In Paperback Format
Maritime Security: A Practical Guide

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Masters, company and ship security officers have a pivotal role in making vessels secure. Maritime Security is aimed at those responsible for the welfare of vessel crews, cargoes and the ships themselves. It will help in the development of the ship security plan and explain how to make a vessel truly secure.

Ships’ Masters and crews have to balance the difficult and complex demands made by other people, ships, ports and cargoes. Explanation is given of the principles underpinning maritime security and guidance on putting those principles into practice, including the ISPS Code, advising on management systems that will ensure compliance with legislation. It is a practical guide – examining the ways to ensure there is no complacency in the execution of security plans, the use of armed guards and other issues of interest to all those involved in keeping ships safe from pirates, terrorists and other criminals. 
Steven Jones
Published by
Nautical Institute
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1565 pages