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Navigation Accidents and their Causes

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Navigation Accidents and their Causes

In Paperback Format
Navigation Accidents and their Causes

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Navigation Accidents and their Causes looks at major casualties to illustrate the lessons that can be learned from them and sets out practical ways for those on the bridge to consider risks, plan for them and then take action to avoid them.
The authors, drawn from accident investigators, Masters, navigation specialists, pilots and university lecturers from all over the world, detail the need for risk assessment in advance of a voyage, including bridge resource management and passage planning. Situational awareness is highlighted throughout.

Each chapter can be read individually, forming a valuable onboard resource. The overall message is that everyone can learn from the mistakes of others and everyone has a part to play in ensuring that training and experience are used effectively to keep vessels safe.

IMO Secretary-General Mr Koji Sekimizu said: “This timely publication from The Nautical Institute should provide a crucial guide for every mariner serving at sea and serve to assist in reducing collisions and groundings”. 
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Nautical Institute
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142 pages