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SOLAS Fire Training Manual - 4th Edition (2024)

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SOLAS Fire Training Manual - 4th Edition (2024 Release)Pre-Order SOLAS Fire Training Manual - 4th Edition (2024 Release)

In Loose Leaf with Binder Format
SOLAS Fire Training Manual - 4th Edition (2024 Release)

$423.00 Contact us for discounted pricing on bulk orders.
Expected to ship May 2024

The I.C. Brindle SOLAS Fire Training Manual 4th Edition is the latest release in fire training resources. It incorporates recent technological advancements, updates in maritime practices, and global changes since the previous edition in 2017.

Updated to include expanded coverage on fire spread and ventilation practices, along with updated guidelines on operational responsibilities. Additionally, it reflects the ever changing maritime legislative requirements. These revisions emphasise the importance of staying informed and compliant with evolving standards to ensure the safety and security of maritime operations.

Owning the 4th Edition of our SOLAS Fire Training Manual provides end-users and stakeholders with the necessary tools to stay informed and comply with rapidly evolving international regulations established by the IMO, MCA, and other maritime organisations or maritime Administrations. By offering up-to-date information and guidance, the manual instils confidence in users, enabling them to navigate maritime fire safety operations and regulations with confidence.  
Published by
I C Brindle
Publication Date
May 2024
4th Edition
Loose Leaf with Binder
Appprox 320 pages
A4 (210 x 297 mm)

  • Section 1: Introduction
  • Section 2: Fire Preventyion, Limiting Fire Growth, & Means of Escape
  • Section 3: Fire Detection and Alarm
  • Section 4: SOLAS Requrements: Fixed Systems & Portable Equipment
  • Section 5: Fixed Extinguishing Systems
  • Section 6: Portable Equipment: Description and Use
  • Section 7: Organisation and Techniques
  • Section 8: Fire Safety Operational Booklet
  • Section 9: Ship Specific Details