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Small Coded Vessel Training Manual

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Small Coded Vessel Training Manual

In Loose Leaf with Binder Format
Small Coded Vessel Training Manual

$319.00 Contact us for discounted pricing on bulk orders.
This manual covers Lifesaving Appliances and Survival Techniques, and Fire Extinguishing Systems & Equipment. It is also suitable for all vessels similar or below, whether or not they are governed by the Code.

Small Coded Vessel Training Manual is suitable for:
  • Yachts complying with UK MCA LY2 and LY3 Codes
  • Motor or sailing vessels of 24m (load line) and over in commercial use for sport or pleasure, that carry no cargo and not more than 12 passengers
  • Vessels complying with the Red Ensign Group Yacht Code (Part A) not carrying more than 12 passengers
  • Fishing Vessels with no more than 12 passengers
  • High Speed Craft / HS-OSVs of less than 500 GT with maximum 60 person including max. 12 passengers. If less than 24m, max. 36 persons including max 12 passengers
  • Smaller commercial vessel annd other vessels under 24m

Note - vessels equipped with lifeboats, davit-launched liferafts or Marine Evacuation Systems should use our Large Coded Vessels Training Manual. 
Published by
I C Brindle
Publication Date
Loose Leaf with Binder
150 pages approx
A4 (210 x 297 mm)

  • Preparing for an Emergency
  • Life Saving Appliances
  • Survival Techniques
  • Search and Rescue
  • Enclosed Space Entry
  • Fire: Principles and Theory
  • Fire Extinguishing Systems & Equipment
  • Fire Fighting Organisation & Techniques
  • Equipment Inventory, for you to make the Manual specific to your vessel